The vision of Pure Community Ministries is to help those who struggle with or have been hurt by sexual brokenness find healing.

We believe this vision is best carried out through authentic fellowship with Jesus Christ and His people. We create safe environments which help facilitate transparency and community. Through these communities, members experience the truth of verses such as Proverbs 28:13, James 5:16, and 2 Corinthians 1:3-4.

Visit one of our online communities and get the support you need…

The Purity Report
Are struggling with pornography or sexual sin? The Purity Report is a simple framework for creating real accountability in your life. It is a tool for honest confession and guidelines to safely share your struggle with others. Get real, get honest and get free!


The Purity Report for Pastors
It is very sensitive for pastors to talk about struggling with pornography or other sexual integrity issues. We provide private, pastors-only forums which allow confidential use of our accountability framework. Email us at for more information.


Partners for Purity
Sexual sin hurts more than the sinner. Partners for Purity is a community designed to encourage women hurt by the sexual sin of another and to offer hope in Christ. This community is for women only.


The Purity Report for Students
Are a student? Do you struggle with pornography? Have you tried to quit unsuccessfully? Do you want some help? You are not alone! We offer a free, private, online community just for students where you can talk with others who are just like you. Sign up for an account today!


Online 12 Step Recovery Group
We offer a private forum for men interested in working the 12 Steps in a Christ-centered, online environment. The 12 Steps are a classic way to find freedom from our addictions, grow spiritually, discover and walk in God’s will for our lives. Check out The Promises of the 12 Steps…

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