The vision of Pure Community Ministries is to help those who struggle with or have been hurt by sexual sin find healing.

Directly in line with this vision is providing for those who have been the most hurt and victimized by sexual sin – children who have been made into modern-day slaves for sex.

This unimaginable practice goes often unnoticed, much less investigated and prosecuted. Because of broken legal systems regarding prostitution, children forced into sex for money by pimps and even family members are left in a pit of shame and despair caused by their trauma. Only through specialized programs, equipped to find and minister to these children, is there real hope for healing and ending this horror.

That is why we give ten percent of our ministry income, right off the top, to ministries working in this vital area of ministry. We are trusting God to bring resources, and yes that means money, to bear on this appalling issue. In the years to come, we hope to increase that percentage beyond ten percent, as much as our budget will allow, to support ministries fighting sex trafficking.

We believe this issue breaks the heart of God, and is the far-end of the spectrum for sexually immoral behavior. It is a fitting response for those of us who have been consumers of the sex industry, through pornography or otherwise, to give to such a cause. If you are a 12-stepper, think of it as amends.

Please, join with us! Your tax-deductible donations to Pure Community Ministries not only helps provide quality online environments for porn/sex addicts, their spouses and teens, but it goes to help ease the suffering of and offer hope to children exploited for sex.

Pure Community Ministries
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Thank you for your time, prayer and consideration of extending your generosity toward Pure Community Ministries and ending sex trafficking.

We currently support:

Street GRACE